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Postcode Service Extension

User manual

Table of contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

This guide describes the working of the Postcode Service extension for Magento 2. The extension is created by TIG. This extension is targeted on the Dutch and Belgian Magento 2 market, and only works when the customer checkout has the Netherlands or Belgium selected as shipping and/or billing country.

With the help of this extension, your customers will be able to automatically fill in the Dutch street and city information, based on the postal code and house number that the customer provides.

Support, feedback & feature requests
For questions and/or comments about the extension you can get in touch with TIG using the following contact details.
Phone: +31 20–2181000

Postcode Service contract
To make use of our extension it is required to have a Postcode Service contract. It is possible to conclude a contract from €10 a month. You can request all the required data at the following link. Please note that the page is in Dutch:

In case you have any additional questions about signing up, feel free to get in touch with us.

2. Installation

This chapter describes the installation procedure for the Postcode service extension for a Magento 2 webshop in Developer mode and caching on, on a staging environment. The installation makes use of the package manager Composer.

2.1 backup 

We strongly advice to always create a backup of your environment before starting any installation steps of a new extension.

2.2 Getting your enviroment ready & download the required files

Log in with SSH on your server and navigate to the root of the Magento 2 installation.

Use the following commands to get your environment ready for installation.

  • php bin/magento maintenance:enable
  • composer require tig/postcode-magento2

2.3 Activate extension & install

Use the following commands.

it is important to stick with the same order of using the commands, as described below.

  • php bin/magento module:enable TIG_Postcode

Empty the following folders (if they exist). Do not remove the folders, just empty them.

  • var/cache
  • var/page_cache
  • var/generation
  • var/di 
  • var/view_preprocessed
  • generated

Flush your cache.

  • php bin/magento cache:flush

Update your Magento 2.

  • php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Deploy your static content for English:

  • php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Deploy your static content for your own language, e.g.:

  • php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy nl_NL

Your installation should be completed on your staging environment.

3. Using the extension 

This chapter describes how to use the Magento 2 Postcode Service extension.

2.1 Configure the extension

  • Go to Stores->Configuration->Sales->Postcode Service (TIG).
  • Open the Configuration tab.
  • Change the Modus from "Off" to "Test" or "Live", depending wether you have a live account already or not. In case you do not have a live account and you want one, please contact
  • Insert the Client ID and Api key (when you selected "Test" at the previous step, you can find test credentials below the fields).
  • Save the configuration.
  • Flush your cache.

2.2 Testing if the extension works

  • Select a product and go to the checkout.
  • Choose the Netherlands as a country to ship to. You will see the Street Address and City fields disappearing.
  • Enter a postal code and a house number (for example, 1014 BA, 37).
  • You'll see that the street address is filled with "Kabelweg" and the City with "Amsterdam".
  • Repeat the above steps with the billing address after unchecking "My billing and shipping address are the same".

4. Technical system requirements

To run the Magento 2 Postcode Service extension, it is required that your environment complies with the system requirements of Magento 2. You can find the requirements on

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