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PostNL Magento 2
user manual


Frontend functionalities

1.1 Delivery options

You can determine the delivery options in the frontend via the backend configuration. You can for
instance offer the option of Sunday and/or evening delivery to your customers. The extra costs are
also visible if they are configured.

1.2  Post office locations

Depending on the postal code and house number nearby post office locations will be shown.

Backend functionalities

2.1 Creating Shipments

2.1.1 Creating batch shipments

Follow the steps below if you want to create shipments in batches. Creating shipments is batches is
quicker than creating them manually, but you can make exceptions for individual orders on PostNL
products you want to use.

1. Navigate to "Sales > Orders".

2. Select the orders you want to ship. This can be done in batches by marking them for selection on
the left. This can only be done with shipments that are created using PostNL Checkout, de PostNL
shipping method or a linked shipping method.
3. Choose "PostNL > Maak zending aan" in the dropdown.

2.1.2 Creating shipments for individual orders

Follow the steps below if you want to create shipments for individual orders. If you choose to use this
method you can use PostNL products. (See chapter 3.1.7)

1. Navigate to the menu "Sales > Orders".

2. Open the order you want to ship and click on "Ship".

3.You can confirm your shipment at the bottom of the page. Here you can also change the amount of
colli and the shipping option. Click on "Submit Shipment".

You can also change the amount of colli after you created a shipment. This can be done in the Magento
shipment details screen.

2.2 Previous Notice & Printing Shipping labels

1. Navigate to the menu "Sales > Shipments".

2. Select the shipment for which you want to print a shipping label.

3. In the dropdown choose for: PostNL - Print verzendlabels & zending voormelden


3.1 Configuration PostNL extension

Navigate to "Shops > Configuration > Sales > PostNL" to configure the extension.

3.1.1  General configuration and account details

Account instellingen(Account settings)

The accountmanager from PostNL will send you the required account details to link the extension
with the PostNL API after a PostNL package contract request has been made. This information will be
send via e-mail.

The details of your PostNL packages contract will contain a customer number, customer code, API
key and de BLS location code. You can fill in this information in the extension status to link the extension
with PostNL.

You should start the extension in test mode first. If the extension is configured to your wishes and is
tested you can change the extension to live mode.  

Verzendadres(Shipping address)

Here you can fill in your address information "de adresgegevens van de merchant". This information is
visible on your shipping label.


You can choose which logs you want to create.

3.1.2 Webshop

Printer settings

Here the format of the shipping label is determined, the options are A4 or A6. This setting is used for Dutch
and European shipping labels. Shipping labels for orders outside of the EU are always printed on A4 format.

Shipping settings

Cut-off time Cut-off tijd (Cut-off time)
When an order is made after this time a day will be added to the delivery time.

Verzenddagen (Shipping days)
Select on which days you ship your products.
You can read more about shipping and delivery days here(Article is in dutch):

Track en Trace

With this option your customer automatically receives a track & trace e-mail after a previous notice of delivery
has been made. As a merchant you can receive a BCC e-mail of this too.

3.1.3 Bezorgopties (Shipping Options)

Shipping options are the options available at checkout that the customer can use to choose when and where a
package will be delivered. The options are determined by you as the merchant.

3.1.4 Productopties (PostNL products)

The options for delivery can be chosen with the use of a options menu. You as the merchant determine the
standard product that is chosen, you can manually change this for each order.

3.2 Shipping method configuration

The configuration of the PostNL shipping method can be done via "Shops > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods > PostNL".
Here you can choose to make use of flat, table or matrix rates. Explanation about the matrix rates can be found here(Article is in dutch):

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