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  • Hide GLS Wrapper when GLS is not selected
  • Printing labels gives an Error
  • Change Labels used in checkout (Home Delivery, Parcelshop)
  • Better error handling for V009 Error
  • Add option to use only B2B or B2C AddressTypes
  • Order Reference (Order ID) is now included in CreateLabel call.
  • Deliver Address is now saved as post meta upon order creation (instead of after selecting Delivery Option)
  • Fixed some notices.
  • Added required Plugin Headers for WooCommerce Marketplace.
  • If Company Name is entered, this value is now moved to Name1 and First and Last Name is moved to Name2.


  • Added free shipping above certain order amount per shipping destination.
  • Fixed ShopReturnLabel always printed
  • Fixed E-mailadresses partial or empty in api call to GLS when creating labels.


  • Updated readme.txt and added for github
  • Updated frontend classes for unique styling
  • Added translations
  • Improvements for shipping rates


  • Add GLS as a shipping method to WooCommerce checkout.
  • Show available Delivery Options depending on zipcode and shipping date, such as:
    • Express Delivery (e.g. before 9.00 AM, 12.00 AM or 5.00 PM),
    • Saturday Delivery,
    • Delivery to a ParcelShop (sorted by distance from zipcode).
  • Easily create, delete or print labels by orders:
    • Including ShopReturn-label (if enabled).
  • Enable/disable Express Delivery Services separately,
  • Added Label creation and Track&Track information by orders.
  • Delete Label functionality.
  • Supporting Label Formats (A6, A4 2 per page, A4 4 per page).
  • Improvements and bugfixes.
  • No labels