Important information you should know: 

- You should always install the PostNL extension on a test environment first
- Always back-up your webshop before starting the installation process
- After installing the PostNL extension, the extension will provide test account credentials. These test credentials can be used to test the extension, without the need of a PostNL account.

Technical requirements

The PostNL Magento extension requires:
- A minimum of PHP version 5.3
- Mcryp and SOAP PHP libraries
- 256mb of memory
- A working Magento cron

Installing the extension:

Step 1: Download
- Navigate to
- Choose the correct version of the extension for your store (Enterprise or Community)
- Choose 'Download'
- Choose 'Ga naar afrekenen'
- Enter your information and choose 'Plaats uw bestelling'
- You will now recieve a download link in the mail, use this link to download the extension

Step 2: Preparation
Log on to your Magento backend and deactivate the compiler if this is activated (System->Tools->Compliation)

Step 3: Extract & Upload
Extract the downloaded files, log in to the SFTP server and upload the folders app, lib and skin. When promted to merge or overwrite, always choose 'merge'.

Step 4: Finishing
In the Magento backend, refresh the caches.
In order to see the configuration page, log out of the Magento backend and log back in.

The PostNL extension is now installed, you can now proceed to configure the extension. We advice you to let the configuration be done by a Dutch merchant, because of the PostNL configuration is very specific.

Installatiehulp nodig bij de PostNL extensie? Stuur dan eerst een e-mail naar of bel met PostNL op telefoonnummer 088-2255651. TIG kan u helpen zodra wij uw casenummer hebben van PostNL.

Heeft u feedback? Wij horen het graag op 020-2181001 of per e-mail op

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